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In a world of binary, either/or opposites, Jesus calls us to something different: a third way. The third way is Love and it is at the centre of being a Christ-informed neighbour. Situated in Riversdale, Saskatoon, the Riversdale Neighbours church is for those who seek to connect life and faith in ways that are driven by love and informed by the beauty and diversity of their neighbourhood.

Upcoming Events:
> Weekly Gatherings: Sundays, 4pm @ 713 Avenue H South

Riversdale Neighbours Church - Community

Vision/Guiding Ideas

Riversdale Neighbours is a Free Methodist Church in Canada crowd.

Q: How do you hope to accomplish something meaningful?

A: By living among our neighbours within the diversity of Riversdale/ King George joining with them in loving acts of imagination


Offering Good news,

Connection to a Spiritual Family,
An open and accepting environment for asking questions,

Opportunity for creative outlet,
Passion that transforms and realizes,
Shared food and Potluck music.

Walking together,
creating together,
eating together,
partying together, and
serving together;

Finding our place in the ongoing story of God's renewal of all things.

Q: What does success look like?

A: A vibrant community of active followers of Jesus, who are mutually committed to growing as disciples and sharing as neighbours through:

their lives,
their love and
their stories

That God's Kingdom would be revealed through these as a thing of beauty.

Riversdale Neighbours Church

Connect & Belong

All are welcome in our circle. We meet every Sunday for Living Room Liturgy, 4:00pm at the old Dozlaw place: 713 Avenue H South, Saskatoon, SK